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Capitol Fax’s Rich Miller to Be Consulting Editor at New Illinois Observer Political Newsletter

(Chicago) – Capitol Fax publisher Rich Miller will be a consulting editor for The Illinois Observer publisher David Ormsby’s new, paid-subscription political e-newsletter that will cover, Illinois, Cook County, and Chicago politics.

David Ormsby

The new publication – The Illinois Observer: The Insider – will build upon the Springfield political news dominance of the Capitol Fax newsletter and the Capitol Fax Blog to cast a wider Springfield net as well as to expand insider coverage to Chicago and Cook County government and politics.

“This consulting arrangement with the Illinois Observer makes good business sense and good news sense,” said Miller, who will be the new publication’s consulting editor. “There is a heck of a lot of insider political news that still needs to be covered and uncovered, particularly in Chicago. This is a good team.”

The Illinois Observer: The Insider e-newsletter, which has been distributed free to Illinois lobbyists, lawmakers, Chicago aldermen, etc. since October, will be published twice per week and produce sporadic “extra” editions for an annual subscription fee of $250, starting on January 9, 2013.

Additionally, The Illinois Observer, which has been publishing Illinois political news, editorial opinions and candidate endorsements online since 2007, has also unveiled a revamped Web site at www.illinoisobserver.net.

“As governments and public agencies are publishing more and more data and information on-line, more eyes than ever are needed to drill down into the arcane facts that mainstream media overlooks or discards,” said Ormsby, who will be the newsletter’s editor, is an ex-press secretary of the Democratic Party of Illinois and is also a political blogger at The Huffington-Post-Chicago.

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