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Tom Cross, Christine Radogno Hit Pat Quinn on Illinois Medicaid Reforms Pace

(Springfield, IL) – September 18, 2012. House Republican Leader Tom Cross (R-Oswego) and Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno (R-Lemont) held a press conference on Monday to call on Governor Pat Quinn to implement, without delay, the bipartisan Illinois Medicaid reform law to achieve millions in projected cost savings and protect low-income and disabled residents.

GOP House Leader Tom Cross and GOP Senate Leader Christine Radogno (File Photo).

Cross claimed that Quinn has done nothing to start the process to eliminate ineligible Illinois Medicaid recipients.

Not true, says Capitol Fax Publisher & Editor Rich Miller.

“Well, actually, they have started the process. The law requires the state to award a contract to scrub the Medicaid rolls within the budget year’s first 90 days. The state did it in a little over 70 days. The contractor, Maximus, Inc., will need some time to set up the system to get the work done right,” wrote Miller on September 18.

Illinois hopes to save $350 million by “scrubbing” ineligible Illinois Medicaid recipients from the state rolls.

Cross says delaying the implementation of the Medicaid “scrubbing” is  “unacceptable”.

But as Miller notes, Quinn’s Administration is ahead of the schedule which the GOP negotiated.

“Again, the administration signed a contract in a little over 70 days, when the law that the Republicans helped negotiate allowed for 90 days,” wrote Miller.

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