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Poll: Democratic Party Favorability Plunges to Record Low

(Chicago) – Following the 2014 midterm elections, public opinion of the Democratic Party has fallen to a record low, a new Gallup poll says.

According to Gallup’s November 6-9 survey, only 36% of Americans report having a favorable opinion of Democrats, down six percentage points from before the elections.

The Republican Party has a favorable rating of 42%.

Since September 2011, the Republican Party has never had a higher favorability rating higher than the Democratic Party – until now.

Gallup’s Andrew Dugan noted that both parties have experienced severe swings in public opinion since 2012.

“After President Barack Obama‘s re-election in 2012, the Democratic Party’s favorable rating spiked to 51%, the first time either party had enjoyed majority support since 2009,” Dugan wrote. “Meanwhile, Americans’ favorable ratings of the Republican Party collapsed to 28% during the fall 2013 federal government shutdown, the lowest such rating for either party since Gallup first asked the question in 1992.”

According to the survey, independents and Democrats themselves have dropped their opinion of the party.

“Currently, 81% of self-identified Democrats have a favorable view of their party, down from 88% in September and 95% shortly after the 2012 election,” said the poll. “Independents’ ratings of the Democratic Party, at 25%, are down 10 points from September.”

The poll surveyed 828 adults and had a margin of error is ±4 percentage points at the 95% confidence level. The sample included a minimum quota of 50% cellphone respondents and 50% landline respondents.


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