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Gallup: Americans Now Tilt to the GOP, Erasing Democratic Edge

(Chicago) – Since Election Day, Americans’ party identification has shifted in favor of the GOP, according to new Gallup survey data.

Before the November 4 election, 43% of Americans identified as Democrats, while 39% identified Republican, says a new Gallup report.

Since election day, Republicans have snagged a slight advantage, with 42% of Americans identifying as Republicans compared to 41% claiming allegiance to the Democrats, a net shift of five percentage points.

The pre-election results are based on Gallup Daily tracking interviews with 17,259 U.S. adults, conducted between Oct. 1 and Nov. 4. The post-election interviews are based on 12,671 interviews conducted Nov. 5-30.

In 1994, after another big GOP wave election, 53% of Americans identified themselves as Republicans compared to 41% as Democrats.

In 2006, when Democrats won control of Congress, 56% of Americans identified as Democrats to 34% as Republicans.

“The bandwagon effect can largely be explained by the amount of positive publicity given to the victorious party after its success,” wrote Gallup reporter Jeffrey M. Jones.

Given the large swings in a fickle public’s political allegiances over various election cycles, Jones noted that public support for the GOP could be temporary and conditional.

“It is not clear how long these good feelings toward the GOP will last,” said Jones. “That could be influenced by what Republicans do with their enhanced power.”


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