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Illinois State GOP Wipe Out

(Chicago) – Illinois House and Senate Republicans were wiped out on Tuesday night.

Between President Barack Obama‘s coattails, distaste for the Tea Party extremism, and a redrawn map favoring the Democrats, Senate President John Cullerton will have 40 Democratic senators, up from 35 in the current legislature. Senate Republicans will be reduced to 19.

In the House, the GOP route was as equally as devastating. House Speaker Michael Madigan will likely end up with 70 or 72 House Democrats, up from 65.

The Democrats victories came in the suburbs. GOP efforts to dislodge Downstate Democrats failed.

Here’s the results of the key races:

Candidates designated as winners, their names appear in “bold”.

Illinois House 2102 Election Results: 8:00 p.m.

10th Derrick Smith (D), 23,807; Lance Tyson (I), 14,215 with 98% in.

46th Deborah Conroy (D), 8,390 Daniel Kordick (R), 5,929 with 27% in.

52nd Dee Beaubien (I), 18,311; David McSweeney (R), 26,572 with 100% in.

55th Martin Moylan (D),  19,438; Susan Sweeney (R), 17,161 with 96% in.

57th Elaine Nekritz (D),  13,257; Jonathan Greenberg (R), 11,902 with 75% in.

58th Scott Drury (D), 14,247; Mark Shaw (R),12,402 with 97% in.

59th Carol Sente (D), 12,858; Sid Mathias (R), 10,530 with 85% in.

62nd Sam Yingling (D),  11,717; Sandy Cole (R), 9,782 with 82% in.

71st Mike Smiddy (D), 18,343; Rich Morthland (D), 16,208 with 75% in.

72nd Pat Verschoore (D),  14,353; Neil Anderson (R), 7,718 with 26% in.

77th Kathleen Willis (D), 9,450; Angelo “Skip” Saviano (R), 8,247 with 61% in.

79th Kate Cloonen (D), 21,224 Glen Nixon (R)21,076, with 100% in.

84th Stephanie Kifowit (D), 13,653; Patricia Fee (R), 8,266 with 68% in.

98th Natalie Manley (D), 23,314; Robert Kalnicky (R), 15,015  with 100% in.

111th Daniel Beiser (D),  26,694; Kathy Smith (R), 18,956 with 20% in.

116th Jerry Costello II (D), 29,821; Julie Eggers (R), 18,033 with 100% in.

Illinois State Senate 2012 Election Results:

28th Dan Kotowski (D),  34,901; Jim O’Donnell (R), 26,220 with 77% in.

29th Julie Morrison (D),  28,790; Arie Friedman (R), 25,734 with 89% in.

31st Melinda Bush (D), 42,097; Joe Neal (R), 39,945 with 100% in.

34th Steve Stadelman (D), 48,915; Frank Gambino (R), 28,929 with 100% in.

36th Mike Jacobs (D), 31,857;  Bill Albracht (R), 25,103 with 54% in.

46th Dave Koehler (D), 24,413; Pat Sullivan (R), 17,485 with 44% in.

48th Andy Manar (D), 40,822; Mike McElroy (R), 34,871 with 96% in.

49th Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (D), 41,76637,439; Garret Peck (R), 37,439 with 100% in.

52nd Michael Frerichs (D), 40,921; John Bambenek (R), 22,420 with 91% in.

56th Bill Haine (D), 55,516; Mike Babcock (R), 38,873 with 99% in.

59th Gary Forby (D), 52,704; Mark Minor (R), 37,482 with 96% in.


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