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New Bruce, Diana Rauner TV Ad is a Winner

Bruce and Diana Rauner appear in the Rauner's second TV ad of the general election campaign against Gov. Pat Quinn.

Bruce and Diana Rauner appear in the Rauner’s second TV ad of the general election campaign against Gov. Pat Quinn.

(Chicago) – POLITICS & CAMPAIGNS: Republican Bruce Rauner launched on Friday a new TV ad, featuring his wife, Diana, in order to soften his harsh primary image. It’s a winner.

The ad, in which the Rauners playfully tease each other over sartorial choices and political leanings – Diana is Democrat – is the second released by the Rauner campaign since the March 18 gubernatorial primary.

During the Republican contest, Rauner projected a know-it-all swagger and unleashed bombastic rhetoric against labor unions and against Democratic and Republican lawmakers alike – particularly House Speaker Michael Madigan – (D-Chicago) alleging “corruption” and “bribery” related to routine campaign activity.

Rauner infuriated both labor and legislators – and helped narrow the billionaire businessman’s win to a mere 2.5 points over State Senator Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale) rather than the 20 points predicted in a We Ask America automated poll published by Capitol Fax‘s Rich Miller the day before the election.

Rauner will unlikely regain the affection of those in the political class anytime soon. But they are not the target of his new TV ad.

Rauner is aiming at regular voters – Democrats disappointed with Governor Pat Quinn and Independents open to a change – and with this ad he’s aiming well.

The rough edges are smoothed and the swagger snuffed out.

The ad goes a long way in selling a potential “first family” with which Illinois voters could be comfortable – a factor or voting cue that could be as important as any policy position.

It’s worth the watch.

Here’s the dialogue:


BR:      I’m Bruce Rauner

DR:      I’m Diana Rauner

BR:      I’m pragmatic

DR:      He’s cheap

BR:      We don’t agree on everything

DR:      Like politics

BR:      What to eat

DR:      And that shirt

BR:      What?

DR:      It’s old and ugly

BR:      I’m a Republican

DR:      I’m a Democrat

BR:      I love her anyway

DR:      I’m voting for him anyway because I know Bruce will take on both parties to fix Illinois.

BR:      And drive the career politicians nuts.  I will.  I’ll drive them nuts.

DR:      I know, honey.  I know.

Nevertheless, no matter how cute of a couple that Rauners appear to be, seven months of political TV commercials will drive voters – nuts, I know.


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