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New Quinn TV Ad Hits Rauner on Jobs Outsourcing, Cayman Tax Shelters

(Chicago) – Gov. Pat Quinn’s campaign today issued a new TV ad that attacks Bruce Rauner for outsourcing American jobs overseas and new Cayman Islands investments.

The new 30-second ad, which hit airwaves Wednesday morning, notes that, “Rauner didn’t just outsource jobs – he started an outsourcing business to help other companies outsource thousands of jobs to India, China and the Philippines.”

This is a reference to the Zenta conglomerate, started by Rauner in 2005, as H-Cube, which outsourced “thousands of white-collar jobs”, according to Quinn’s campaign.

In addition, the ad notes Rauner has set up 12 “shell companies” in the Cayman Islands, known a tax haven for companies seeking to avoid U.S. and Illinois taxes.

Updated: 10:38 a.m.

Rauner’s campaign blasted the new Quinn ad.

“Pat Quinn has clearly reached all out desperation mode with his new false and misleading attack,” said Rauner Spokesman Mike Schrimpf. “Only a failed governor who wants to cover up his own record of tax hikes and job losses would make outrageous claims like these.”


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