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Munger Blasts Sente over “Reprehensible” Pedophile TV Ad; Pledges Counterattack

A new cable TV ad by Democrat Carol Sente hits GOP opponent Leslie Munger for opposition to criminal background checks.

A new cable TV ad by Democrat Carol Sente hits GOP opponent Leslie Munger for opposition to criminal background checks for school employees.

(Chicago) – An Illinois House GOP candidate is slamming her Democratic opponent over a TV ad that paints the Republican as indifferent to pedophiles in schools.

For the second time this month, Leslie Munger (R-Lincolnshire) is calling on State Rep. Carol Sente (D-Vernon Hills) to take off the air a cable TV ad suggesting Munger is opposed to background checks intended to keep pedophiles out of schools.

A new cable television ad, paid for by “Friends of Carol Sente,” cites a Buffalo Grove High School teacher charged with making child pornography and the ad asserts that Munger opposes criminal background checks for school employees, suggesting that that position would allow pedophiles in schools.

“Sente has absolutely no basis to make these claims,” Munger added. “She has doubled down on this false accusation despite numerous articles and letters to the editor calling her campaign one of the dirtiest in Illinois.”

The Sente ad is based on Munger’s stated opposition to unfunded local government mandates imposed by the Illinois General Assembly. A criminal background check for school employees is an unfunded mandate, for example, approved the legislature, which serves as the basis of Sente’s attack on Munger.

“As a mother who has raised two sons, and someone who has worked closely with our District 103 and 125 schools and with developmentally disabled adults, I am deeply offended by this personal and baseless attack,” Munger stated. “For Carol Sente to say that I “support pedophiles in schools” is an outright lie. For her to call me an “extremist” and that I am putting “our children at risk” is reprehensible.”

Here is the script of Sente’s ad running on Comcast Cable TV:

“It happened this summer in Buffalo Grove. A middle school teacher was charged with manufacturing child pornography.

And it could happen again, because Leslie Munger opposes mandates requiring criminal background checks for all school employees.

Schools should be safe places, but because Munger stands against criminal background checks for all school employees our children are at risk.

Don’t let criminals near our schools, or extremist Leslie Munger anywhere near the state capitol.”

[Paid for by Friends of Carol Sente]

Munger insists that her position on unfunded local government mandates are focused on mandates such as the Lake County Election Commission (HB 2418), the number of firefighters required on every fire truck (HB 5485), and the requirement of using union-only labor on state contacts (HB 2987).

“Rep. Sente cannot run on her record so she is resorting to spreading baseless lies,” Munger said.

Furious with Sente’s ad House Republicans are planning a retaliatory attack on Sente.

Nearly two weeks ago the House GOP launched 20,000 robo calls into the district threatening to reveal  the “secret partner” of Sente, a single women, at NoSente.com on October 31.

Political insiders speculate that the robo call alluded to Sente’s personal life and was intended to rattle Sente and her campaign.

A top House GOP source would only say that the “secret partner” will be revealed at the Web site on October 31 and refused to characterize the nature of the “secret partner”.

“I hope the voters of the 59th District will ask themselves whether they want someone who will say or do anything to get re-elected, regardless of whether it is true, to be their representative in Springfield,” said Munger.

The cost of the clash over this north suburban seat has already exceeded $800,000.

Sente’s campaign has so far raised $469,00 and Munger has drawn support from multiple sources, totaling $348,000.


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