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Poll: Emanuel Leads Garcia by 11 Points

(Chicago) – A new poll has Mayor Rahm Emanuel leading Jesús “Chuy” García by 11 points.

A February 25 survey of 1,138 likely voters, commissioned by the Chicago Retail Merchants Association, has Emanuel at 48.65%, Garcia at 37.72% with undecided voters at 13.63%.

However, when undecided voters were asked to make a decision, nearly 21% chose Emanuel while 15% chose Garcia.

The mayor holds a strong lead among likely female voters but his lead narrows among males. Likewise, the mayor has a healthy lead among likely African-American and Caucasian voters.

Garcia, however, holds a large lead among Hispanics while the candidates are split among Asian voters.

“While there are six weeks before Election Day, it would appear that Mayor Emanuel is in a strong position with likely Chicago voters,” said Rob Karr, President, Chicago Retail Merchants Association.

The poll was conducted by We Ask America on Wednesday, February 25th, and had a margin of error of ±2.91%.

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