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ILCAPIf you’re looking to reach active and attentive Illinois political audiences, you need to look at The Illinois Observer for advertising.

The nearly 2,000 Illinois Observer readers – political insiders like lawmakers, lobbyists, government staffers, and political activists – who receive our morning e-mail news alert and breaking news alerts depend on The Illinois Observer for Illinois, Chicago, and Cook County government and political news that they unlikely find elsewhere or with as much detail.

Additionally, The Illinois Observer regularly draws more than 20,000 Illinois visitors to its Web site for our government and campaign news.

Beyond our Web site, The Illinois Observer shares our news alerts with our 7,803 Facebook fans and 4,043 Twitter followers. Because we leverage paid post promotion tools of Facebook and Twitter, The Illinois Observer deeply penetrates its broad base of political followers  – Democratic and Republican alike.

Our ad package offers display ads posted not only our Web site but they are also embedded in each e-mail news alert sent to our nearly 1,000 readers and in our exclusive, paid e-newsletter, The Insider, e-mailed each Tuesday and Friday to Springfield top insiders.

For advertising rate information and other details, please contact David Ormsby at davidormsby@illinoisobserver.net.

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