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The Illinois Observer, Inc., is an on-line Internet newspaper for Illinois political insiders. We sleuth State of Illinois,

The Illinois Observer editor, David Ormsby

Illinois Observer editor David Ormsby

Cook County and City of Chicago political, government, court news, news makers, and news shakers that go unreported, under-reported, or under-appreciated.

In a March 2012 survey, The Illinois Observer ranked #6 as measured by Alexa among Illinois’ approximated 66 independent news blogs that provide state or local political and government news and commentary.

We owe that accomplishment to our readers. Thank you.

David Ormsby, an ex-Press Secretary of the Democratic Party of Illinois and Huffington-Post-Chicago political blogger, is the Editor and Publisher of The Illinois Observer.

And a score of contributors supply bits of intelligence, too.

In addition, The Illinois Observer publishes The Illinois Observer: The Insider, a $250 annual subscription-only e-mail newsletter for Illinois elected officials, candidates, and political pros. For subscription information, please click here…

The facts in our stories are gathered from as reputable sources as possible and our opinions are concocted as far as decency possibly allows. If a “fact” is wrong, let us know. A fact we’ll fix. An opinion we won’t. That’s how we roll here.

If you have a comment, complaint, correction, or a morsel of news to share, confidentially, contact The Illinois Observer:

Email: davidormsby@illinoisobserver.net

Telephone: 312-428-9384

Facsimile: 773-442-0165

Mail: David Ormsby, Editor, The Illinois Observer, 4630 North Drake Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60625


New Survey: The Top 10 Independent Political and News Blogs in Illinois

(Chicago, IL) – March 24, 2012. THE iLLINOIS OBSERVER today released its second Illinois blog survey since 2009 in which it ranks 67 independent or “mom and pop” Illinois-based blogs that cover Illinois politics and local government news, and we found once again that the Chicagoist headed up the top 10 list.

Independent or “mom and pop” blogs are blogs that are not sponsored by major media companies and their Web sites, such as the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Daily Herald, Crain’s, NBC-5 Chicago, etc.

The THE iLLINOIS OBSERVER March 23-24, 2012 survey, which utilized Alexa’s Web site ranking tool, excluded the blogs housed on the Chicago Tribune‘s Web site Chicago Now because no separate rankings were available for the many former, independently sited blogs.

The Alexa web-ranking tool estimates both the global Web site rank and U.S. country rank, a ranking that can fluctuate daily based on traffic flow. One day you’re up, the next you’re down. A blog that has a U.S. rank means that it is generating sufficient traffic to measure its U.S. rank. Blogs with only a “global” rank means that they generating insufficient enough traffic for Alex to measure their U.S. rank.

The Alexa rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and page views over the past 3 months. The Web site with the highest combination of visitors and page views is ranked #1. Google is the #1 Web site. Facebook is #2.

THE iLLINOIS OBSERVER attempted diligently to identify as many Illinois blogs as possible that provide political news and commentary and that represent some semblance of ideological and geographic balance. Inevitably, we probably overlooked someone. Our apologies.

If there is some gaping omission or quibble with a selection–quibble away. Let us know and we will include the quibbles and other sites in our next survey.

According to the March 23-24, 2012 survey, the top 10 independent or “mom and pop” Illinois blogs that provide news and commentary on Illinois politics and local government as well as the rankings for the other 57 blogs are:

  1. Chicagoist: 9,554
  2. Gapers Block: 31,074
  3. Windy Citizen: 52,817
  4. Chicago Progressive Talk: 82,267
  5. Illinois Review: 99,9387
  6. The Illinois Observer: 117,789
  7. Capitol Fax: 118,745
  8. Progress Illinois: 128,165
  9. Beachwood Reporter: 142,124
  10. Marathon Pundit: 149,827
  11. The Chicago Phoenix, 157,519
  12. The Expired Meter, 174,686
  13. McHenery County Blog, 195,789
  14. Center Square Journal, 209,732
  15. Illinois StateHouse News, 226,701
  16. Publius Forum, 238,467
  17. Evanston Now, 249,304
  18. Peoria Pundit, 265,288
  19. Roscoe View Journal, 297,945
  20. Bean Soup Times, 298,465
  21. Chicago Daily Observer, 325,252
  22. Illinois Policy Institute Blog, 369,186
  23. Welles Park Bulldog, 465,635
  24. Catalyst Chicago, 466,491
  25. Better Government Association Blog, 466,491
  26. Civic Federation Blog, 565,004
  27. Sloopin Chicago’s South Loop, 587,175
  28. Chicago Talks, 598,501
  29. Community Media Workshop Blog, 631,349
  30. OpenlineBlog, 645,726
  31. Fred Klonsky, 727,246
  32. First Electronic Newspaper, 740,259
  33. Southwest Observer, 1,141,010*
  34. Chicago News Bench, 2,065,730*
  35. Metropolitan Planning Council, 2,671,137*
  36. Illinois Issues, 3,195,513*
  37. Edgeville Buzz, 3,16,315*
  38. Live Here Oak Park, 3,724,700*
  39. The Sixth Ward Chicago, 4,598,735*
  40. Respublica.typepad.com, 4,681,096*
  41. Grand Old Partisan, 5,047,428*
  42. Area Chicago, 5,054,293*
  43. Illinois Campaign for Political Reform, 5,501,779*
  44. Tenth Congressional District Democrats, 5,693,695*
  45. Chicago Argus, 5,817,926*
  46. IADDA Blog, 5,906,493*
  47. TASC Blog, 5,977,847*
  48. Backyard Conservative, 6,148,868*
  49. A-Ville Daily, 6,415,169*
  50. Team America’s 10th, 7,313,059*
  51. Bill Baar’s West Side, 7,979,023*
  52. Hyde Park Progress, 8,208,673*
  53. Archpundit, 8,935,012*
  54. 600 Words Esther Cepeda, 9,340,765*
  55. Prairie State Blue, 9,874,483*
  56. Sierra Club Illinois, 10,163,002*
  57. SallyDuros.com, 10,269,091*
  58. Rogers Park in 1000 Words, 10,467,406*
  59. Chicago Radio and Media, 13,191,324*
  60. The Daily Whale Chicago, 13,430,229*
  61. Latino Policy Forum, 16,138,227*
  62. Progressive Advocacy, 20,206,745*
  63. The Decatur Navigator, 20,958,663*
  64. Quincy Pundit, 22,612,489*
  65. Russ Stewart, 23,072,761*
  66. Laura Washington, 23,549,183*
  67. Lake County Eye, 24,132,409*

*Alexa global score only.

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