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Barickman: Despite Stopgap Suffering Lingers; Bourne: School Panel Focused Only on Aid Formula

Barickman: Despite Stopgap Suffering Lingers; Bourne: School Panel Focused Only on Aid Formula

(Chicago) – A top Republican state senator says that the stopgap budget deal struck by Governor Bruce Rauner and lawmakers has relieved pressure on the legislature but not on human service providers.

BARICKMAN: DESPITE STOPGAP BUDGET “SUFFERING” LINGERS: Adam Studzinski, WJBC 1230 AM… “State Sen. Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington) said it seems as if legislators aren’t feeling the same pressure they were earlier this summer.

Barickman told WJBC’s Dan Swaney it’s that pressure which led to a stop-gap budget, which included funding education. He added while the pressure isn’t as large coming from education officials, there are still people suffering.

“Those in the human services community would tell you that they’re still being crippled,” said Barickman. “They’re probably more frustrated than ever.” … Read more here…

BOURNE: SCHOOL FUNDING TASK FORCE FOCUSED ON FORMULA, NOT OTHER REFORMS: Benjamin Yount, Illinois Radio Network … “The lawmakers tasked with fixing how Illinois distributes funds to its public schools want to keep a laser-like focus, but that means a lot of other school funding issues are being left to linger for now.

Illinois’ school funding task force, which met for the first time last week, is only looking at how the state pays for schools — not how much it needs.

The commission will not consider other school funding issues such as property tax relief, pension costs and collective bargaining reforms, although those are important issues that the state will have to address, according to state Rep. Avery Bourne (R-Litchfield).

“We have working groups in the state, right now, that are working on (other) reforms and issues,” Bourne said. “This one is centrally focused on the school funding formula.” … Read more here…

CULLERTON HAILS NEW DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED LAW: Daily Herald… “State Senator Tom Cullerton‘s initiative to help nearly 20,000 Illinois families on waiting lists for developmental disability services was signed into law today.

House Bill 6086, sponsored by Cullerton in the Senate, will require the state to take certain factors into consideration when determining which individuals will receive services, such as the amount of time spent already on a waiting list.

“Any time we can pass legislation to help our developmentally disabled population, it makes us a stronger and better state,” said Cullerton, a Villa Park Democrat.” … Read more here…


HULTGREN SEEKS COMMUNITY INPUT ON HEROIN: Ripon Advance News Service… “U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren (R-IL) recently hosted meetings to garner ideas from community leaders in northern Illinois about how to fight the heroin and opioid epidemic.

Hultgren met with parents, patients and health department advocates on July 25 to discuss the heroin and fentanyl-laced heroin epidemic sweeping communities in and around the Chicago area.

“This meeting was an opportunity for me to hear from the people who are on the ground in Illinois fighting this battle every day,” Hultgren said. “I am inspired by their courage and their commitment to saving our communities from this epidemic.” … Read more here…

ANNA MOTHER MOURNS SON LOST TO HEROIN: Sherae Honeycutt, KFVS-TV… “A mother in Anna, Illinois is grieving after losing her veteran son to addiction.

Shawn Holbrook, 48, died on July 27 due to an overdose of heroin.” … Read more here…

FRERICHS ANNOUNCES PHOTO PRIZE: Morris Herald News… “Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs announced recently the winners of the 2016 Cream of the Crop Photo Contest, and a Minooka student took first place in the 8- to 10-year-old age category.” … Read more here…


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