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Past Criminal Trespassing Arrest at Girls Dorm Rocks Matune Campaign

Past Criminal Trespassing Arrest at Girls Dorm Rocks Matune Campaign

(Chicago) ­ ­– POLITICS & CAMPAIGNS: The House Republican campaign organization released yesterday certified court documents and police reports detailing that GOP House candidate Keith Matune had “been arrested and convicted of a crime” of criminal trespass at a girls college dormitory.


The revelation of the past charges on Thursday are rocking not only Matune’s campaign against State Rep. Ron Sandack (R-Downers Grove) but also could jeopardize his position as a school teacher at Downers Grove North, because Matune allegedly did not disclose his arrest and conviction history on his job application.

“The issue is not just his criminal record but not telling the truth to school officials, parents and now the voters,” according to the HRO statement.

Matune claimed in a Daily Herald interview as recently as Wednesday, March 5, that past “incidents” had been “expunged”

“Those incidents nearly 25 years ago were all expunged,” Matune told the newspaper. “When you apply for anything on your employment record, they ask you to leave out any records that have been expunged. According to the Illinois State Police database, I have not been arrested or convicted. That’s what I was going on when I was initially asked about it and now.”

The Illinois State Police database contains no records of out-of-state arrests.

Accord to HRO Matune falsified his 2014 Daily Herald candidate survey and his job application.

“Official copies of court documents and police records prove, Matune has been arrested multiple times and charged with multiple crimes (larceny, fugitive from justice, public indecency, resisting arrest, criminal trespass) and was convicted of public indecency,” HRO stated. “Keith Matune did not tell the truth on his application to be a public school teacher, claiming he had never been convicted of a crime.”

The HRO alleged that Matune committed a “another crime” by failing to disclose his legal history.

“Keith Matune committed another crime by not telling the truth on his teaching application,” according to the HRO press statement.

And House Republicans assert that the court documents could not be in their possession if they had indeed been sealed.

“These records were obtained by a simple phone call to the Tippecanoe County Clerk’s office and would not even be available to the clerk had they been sealed or expunged,” HRO said.

Matune, who is District 99 school board member, and Sandack are locked in a close race, and House Republicans have made Matune’s arrest history a key feature of the racing, generating brutal mail piece clobbering Matune for his omissions on his job application and candidate survey.

Here is the House Republicans summary of Mature alleged criminal history (including his May 2013 school application & Daily Herald candidate questionnaire attached here):

  • Arrest 1: Felony warrant of arrest issued in Montgomery Co., Virginia

On February 3, 1991, Matune wrote a bad check for $500. On March 26, 1991 a felony warrant was issued for the arrest of Keith Matune, a hearing date was set for April 24, 1991 and Matune failed to appear. The warrant was for a felony charge of larceny by check in the amount $500 (not $150 as Matune claims).

Fugitive from justice: felony charge in Illinois

On May 3, 1991, Keith Matune was pulled over in Downers Grove for driving with bright headlights. During this stop, a routine check on the offender revealed an N.C.I.C. warrant for Matune’s arrest out of Montgomery Co., Virginia. Matune was then taken into custody. The Montgomery County Sheriff then notified the Downers Grove police that they “will immediately initiate the extradition process to return him to Montgomery County.” The DuPage County state’s attorney then authorized an additional felony charge of “fugitive from justice.” Matune was booked and taken to DuPage County jail. Court records show bail was set at $20,000. 

On May 23, 1991, Matune appeared in DuPage County to face the felony charge of “fugitive from justice.” Court records state that Matune “fled the Commonwealth of Virginia with the intent to avoid prosecution for that [larceny] offense.”

The extradition was only cancelled after Matune was forced to pay restitution.

  • Arrest 2/conviction: Convicted of Public Indecency/Charged with Resisting Arrest – Matune does not disclose conviction on his teaching application in May, 2013  

Direct from certified court documents:

On December, 18, 1992, in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, Keith Matune did knowingly or intentionally, in a public place, appear in a state of nudity. Matune also did knowingly or intentionally: forcibly resist, obstruct or interfere with a law enforcement officer. The prosecuting attorney for the State of Indiana filed both charges with affidavit supporting probable cause. Matune appears before the court in Sheriff’s custody.

On April 7, 1993, Matune withdraws his plea of Not Guilty and enters a plea of Guilty to the charge of public indecency. Matune is sentenced to 1 year in jail, the sentence was suspended and Matune was placed on probation for 1 year having to meet the following conditions: pay court costs, maintain good and lawful behavior, and complete any program of counseling recommended for him by his counselors in the State of Virginia. (Matune gave law enforcement and the courts a Virginia address.)

On May 28, 2013, Keith Matune did not tell the truth on his application for Indian Prairie School District 204. The question read: “Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense other than a minor traffic violation?” Matune answered: “No”

  • Arrest 3: Charged with criminal trespass: gaining entry to a woman’s dormitory through a window a year after leaving college

Direct from court documents:

On January 17, 1994, Keith Matune knowingly and intentionally entered the Shoemaker Cooperative after having been denied entry as evidenced by his having to enter through a window.

On January 26, 1994, the Court is advised that Matune has been arrested on warrant and posted bond. The Court orders Matune to appear in court in person on February 14, 1994. The Court advises that if Matune fails to appear a re-arrest warrant will be issued.

On February 14, 1994, Matune enters a plea of not guilty and requests trial by jury. The court sets a trial date for June 21, 1994.

On April 18, 1994, Matune signs a plea agreement and the court withholds prosecution, but orders Matune to show written proof of completion of all conditions of probation (2 payments of $50, good and lawful behavior, and not to enter the premises again).

After reading all this, you may need a shower.


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HRO Mail Piece

HRO Mail Piece

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About David Ormsby

David, a Huffington Post blogger and an ex-Press Secretary of the Illinois Democratic Party, is a public relations strategist in Illinois.

One comment

  1. http://www.dggab.com/sandack-caught-lying-to-save-campaign/ (Interesting to note this excerpt from the article…) “In 1994, a couple of fraternity brothers and I went back into our old fraternity house. It was vacant. It was empty. No one lived there. The police were called and all charges were dropped when they realized we had keys to the building.

    Several months later the fraternity house was converted into housing for female students. I have never stepped foot in that building since female students have lived there. The attached documents show Shoemaker Cooperative did not even own or occupy the property at the time of the incident.

    • County Parcel Report shows the property was transferred to the Shoemaker Cooperative in February, 1994, after the time of the incident.

    • Shoemaker Historical Record demonstrates residents did not occupy the building until the Fall 1994.”

    It was apparently NOT YET a female dormitory. Seems that is important information.

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