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Illinois 2014 Republican Treasurer Endorsement

Illinois 2014 Republican Treasurer Endorsement

Illinois 2014 Treasurer Endorsement

Illinois 2014 Republican Treasurer Endorsement

Editorial: Illinois 2014 Republican Treasurer Endorsement… The Illinois Observer Editorial Board today continued to roll out its endorsements for contested elections in Illinois’ March 18, 2014 Primary Election.

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Here is a 2014 GOP Treasurer endorsement:

Treasurer: Tom Cross v. Bob Grogan. First elected to the Illinois House in 1992, State Rep. Tom Cross served as House Minority Leader from January 2002 to August 2013 before he resigned his leadership post to run for Treasurer. Cross has pledged to be a “bold” Treasurer, acting beyond the narrow, ministerial limits of the job. He has promised that “priority one” would be to enforce Illinois’ constitutional requirement that the state budget be balanced, even dragging the state into court if necessary. Additionally, Cross would create a Government Integrity Unit and develop a Fiscal Report Card to be distributed to taxpayers. Cross’ deep legislative experience of budget making, record of moderation – supporting both a woman’s right to chose and same sex marriage – and, most important – a bold, aggressive agenda for the treasurer’s office uniquely qualify him to be treasurer. Few candidates who present themselves for the post are as well qualified. Cross is enthusiastically endorsed.

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(*Rich Miller had no role in the Editorial Board’s endorsements)


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One comment

  1. Although Mr. Cross does have some good legislative history behind him, and I have supported him on some occasions, I can not fall in line with support for him in the upcoming election. Specifically, his membership in, and support from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) makes him extremely dangerous with the authority of the Treasurers office in his grasp. The ALEC organization has been the authors (and money) behind the worst legislation of the past 25 years, and needs to be eviscerated from their influence in our government. Tom Cross needs to retire, not bring more destruction of our democracy. We have enough problems in Illinois, and he would bring more crime and problems, with ALEC’s help. Can you say ‘Stand Your Ground’ legislation? Then you know ALEC and what they do.

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