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Bruce Rauner Boosts Term Limits PAC with $250,000

Bruce Rauner Boosts Term Limits PAC with $250,000

(Chicago) – GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner has goosed his legislative term limits PAC with a $250,000 check.

Rauner, a wealthy businessman who launched the PAC in July in order to push a constitutional amendment that would limit the terms of state legislators, disclosed the contribution last Thursday, December 5.

The PAC drew $605,900 in its first quarter, including $250,000 from real estate investor Howard Rich, $250,000 conservative activists Richard Uihlein, and $100,000 from former Chicago Tribune publisher Sam Zell.

Since the PAC’s initial summer splash, contributions have slowed to a trickle.

The PAC has raised only $50,500 since October 1, including $25,000 from Kapstone Paper & Packaging CEO Roger Stone.

Since Rauner launched his campaign for governor last March, he has donated $1,595,100 to an assortment of GOP party organizations, political candidates, campaign committees, including $1.2 million to his own gubernatorial campaign.


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  1. Mr. Rauner if elected will be trying to be like Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. We here in Illinois do not need a man who is out to divide the haves and have nots. We need a person who will try to unite the state workers and state mangement. Mr.Rauner stated that he was not taking any campaign donations from Organized Labor, if he really wants to be a true peoples Governor he should not accept corporate donations from CEOs either. We know which side Mr.Rauner is on. Common people who are wage earners to Mr.Rauner are only those who bow down to the corporate bosses. Right to Work laws are a joke. They actually mean the employer can fire an empl;oyee for any reason without progressive discipline. Also even if an employee is doing an excellent job performing tasks he or she can be fired for any or no reason. Think seriously who Mr.Rauner is representing.
    When was the last time Mr.Rauner had little or nothing to eat?

    • That’s public union rhetoric and BS. Lets see how far the 12% minority of union workers get without private sector tax money. Truth is that a person willing to do a days work for an agreed days pay doesn’t need representation.

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