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Rahm Emanuel to Take on the NRA

(Chicago) – EXTRA: Rahmbo is taking on the NRA.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other Chicago area mayors will hold a press conference on Thursday morning to push Illinois lawmakers to back “stricter” gun control laws, according to Emanuel’s office.

Emanuel’s move for a new legislative gun control package will put the mayor on a collision course with the National Rifle Association.

The press conference will be held at Chicago’s City Hall at 11:00 a.m.

Stay tuned.


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  1. Thanks for the reminder Emanuel, just renewed my NRA membership, upgrading my membership class. Unfortunatley my contributions to the Salvation Army, United Way, the Democratic Party of Illinois, local food pantries, and anyone else with their hand out, will see their amounts lowered by the same amount. Oh, and no more visits to your filthy chitty from me, my family and my friends.

    I will be watching to see what other leaders show up, they too will be remembered.

    • Matthew,

      Are you threatening elected public officials? As you may know, law enforcement takes such remarks seriously.

      IO Editorial Staff

    • I doubt Matthew ever gave a dime to a local food pantry, the Salvation Army or the United Way and certainly not the Democratic Party of Illinois. What empty pathetic threats… Shameful.

    • I am a democrat that travels. I have a conceal carry permit from Florida and my application is in to get one from Texas. My fellow Illinois citizens are living in a box about guns and shielded from the more accepting attitude citizens in the other 49 states have about them. We are the only state that does not allow a citizen to carry a concealed weapon. Also, have you not seen the sale of guns and ammo soar recently? The citizens are voting with their wallets. Mayor Emanual is a brilliant man and I am sure his heart is in the right place but he is dead wrong on this issue.

  2. Did Matthew just inadvertently make a case-in-point for needing gun control? Especially another reason why we need tighter restrictions on keeping guns away from wackos? Sounds like it to me.

  3. Good on you, take away any other donations to actual charities, not some overly zealous political organization. That’s a real tough guy there.

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