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Mayor Rahm Emanuel Lowers Boom on Chicago Gang Hostels

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Lowers Boom on Chicago Gang Hostels

(Chicago) – July 12, 2012. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is lowering the boom. Literally. Demolition by the City of Chicago will begin Thursday on twelve buildings that serve as hives, hangouts, and hostels for Chicago gangs.

3342 West Congress Parkway (take your pick), a Chicago gang hive, will be demolished on Thursday, July 12, by the City of Chicago. (File Photo: May 2009)

The sledge hammer falls just three days after Emanuel and Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, whose tin-eared cheering of crime statistics out of tune with TV images has drawn near-universal derision, announced a new initiative that may help Chicago Police  dent crime by demolishing vacant buildings.

“We are sending a clear message to gang members: you do not have a home in Chicago,” said Emanuel. “These buildings are coming down because community members, the police, and the City are working together, calling out the criminals and removing their shelter from our neighborhoods.”

The Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Department of Buildings have identified two hundred vacant buildings for possible demolition based on their structural instability and location in high-crime areas.

“Gang members all too easily find refuge inside of vacant buildings, allowing an environment that fosters criminal activity and tears apart our communities,” said McCarthy.

The Chicago Department of Buildings will also board and secure properties that are gang havens but are structurally sound.

The twelve buildings that will begin demolition today are below.

  • 7101 South Rhodes Avenue
  • 7120 South Rhodes Avenue
  • 5939 South Laflin Street
  • 6752 South Honore Street
  • 6820 South Campbell Avenue
  • 1455 West 73rd Street
  • 5649 South Laflin Street
  • 6747 South Laflin Street
  • 7052 South Honore Street
  • 3342 West Congress Parkway
  • 7026 South Emerald Avenue
  • 5634 South Winchester Avenue

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David, a Huffington Post blogger and an ex-Press Secretary of the Illinois Democratic Party, is a public relations strategist in Illinois.

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