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Poll: Gov. Pat Quinn More Popular than Illinois Legislature

Poll: Gov. Pat Quinn More Popular than Illinois Legislature

(Springfield, IL) – April 25, 2012. Illinois voters give dismal approval ratings to both Governor Pat Quinn and the Illinois General Assembly, but they approve more of Quinn’s performance than the legislature’s, according to a new statewide poll.

Governor Pat Quinn

According to recent polling data obtained by THE iLLINOIS OBSERVER, 36% of Illinois voters approve of Quinn’s job performance while 54% disapprove. Meanwhile, only 29% of voters approve of the legislature’s performance while a whopping 61% disapprove.

The poll of 800 voters, which was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies between April 10–12 for a new Illinois gaming advocacy group, has some comfort for Democrats who dominate the legislature. In a generic legislative ballot question, voters prefer Democrats 45% to 38% for the GOP with 15% undecided.

For Quinn, the poll represents an uptick in his approval rating among Illinois voters. A poll conducted by the Chicago Tribune in February found only 30% of voters approved of the way he was handing his job, while 54% disapproved, the same in this new poll.

The holder of a 36% approval rating has few bragging rights, but a six-point jump for Quinn as Illinois budget news remains toxic hints that Quinn just might be getting his game on.

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About David Ormsby

David, a Huffington Post blogger and an ex-Press Secretary of the Illinois Democratic Party, is a public relations strategist in Illinois.

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